Finding The Way Artist statements by Joel Fletcher

Musical Mirage

Record album art featuring a man and woman imagining a musical performance by a band of foxes.
Musical Mirage, 1979, acrylic on canvas panel, 12 x 12 inches.

Let's take a trip back to 1979 and revisit an oldie but goodie - Musical Mirage. Throughout my artistic journey, I've always sought to embrace fresh challenges such as this piece, a hypothetical album cover. My concept pictured a young couple listening to music, who are so inspired by what they hear, that they imagine a whimsical vision of a fox band performing the songs!

Painting detail of a band of fox musicians.

This was the first time I embraced the square format, matching the size of a standard record album at 12 x 12 inches. I used one-point perspective to draw viewers into the scene, guiding their gaze towards the charismatic fox drummer. The stereo system, inspired by my trusty Sansui equipment, occupies a special place in this canvas. Keen eyes might spot the replication of two 70s posters on the side walls, a subtle tribute to artists Bill Martin and Gage Taylor. As the scene unfolds, the far wall transforms into a captivating nature scene, where the fox band plays its enchanting tunes. Here, you'll find a gentle nod to my hometown, Madison, Wisconsin, nestled in the distant skyline. The drummer's "Mad City" t-shirt harkens back to the popular attire of the time.

Musical Mirage was a joy to create. It showcases my style at the time, characterized by psychedelic repeated-pattern brushwork. It's a vivid snapshot of a bygone era when music and imagination were the keys to transporting us to fantastical realms.

© 2023 Joel Fletcher

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